2018 – a year of change?



A reverse chronology – read from bottom up (each entry is dated)

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(posted 8/12/2018)

This may well be the final post for the year, but before it ends a large gathering of members and partners (even a few children!) gathered at “the bar” to share a meal and a drink or two, and plenty of chat and laughs. Once again the relative versatility of the venue shone through with the outdoor area linked via open gateway to the inside of the rooms making a welcome area for such an activity.

Paul & John got the gear ready, Paul took advice… and tried hard to please!

The meal was great, after which President Lee thanked the members for their efforts and patience in a trying year (referring to accommodation), but looking forward to renewed cooperation as things settle into 2019.

Lee also shared her enthusiasm for more community involvement, and the running of workshops and demonstration sessions as a means to increase the club’s public profile.

Friends, family, fun and food!!





(posted 7/12/2018)

There can be a misconception that knitting and crochet belong in the domain of women – once again our primary resident  male, Ian, proves he can match it with the best with this circular crocheted lap rug – well done, Ian!!


(posted 7/12/2018)

The temporary club-room, alias the bar, has its drawbacks, but in spring-time it provided opportunities for extended fun in the sun. With a simple lifting of a wall panel, there is ready access to the outdoors, allowing those who go “out” to remain in contact with those who choose to stay “in”.

Having set up the gear, the dyers quickly got to produce an array of colours

…….. into THIS!







 (see post dated 25/9/2018 below)


Members dug deep and the club contributed over 40 items for a total length of 30 to 40 metres.

We can be proud, but also excited that the project broke the record with a total of 5.8 Km – and even with help from some of the officers.

Congratulations to the Manning Great lakes Police District.

NEEDLE-FELTING – something old?…..something new?

(posted 18/10/2018)

Loren and Lee recently shared their skills – might this be the next club craze?

………… and soon you will have something like this!

…or even this!!



A Community Project for all Members:

(posted 25/9/2018)

Merryn has drawn attention to a NSW Police initiated project supporting White Ribbon Day, and the Club executive feels this is something members might all do together.


There is not a lot of time, BUT each panel will not take a great effort, and if most members can contribute even just one panel each, the result will be significant.

Merryn has already kick-started the project, (see her stockpile of  fibre), and while on holidays in Lismore Robyn has taken up the challenge too!

Who will be next??


(posted 24/9/2018)

Margaret, the club’s most experienced weaver has recently brought her 4 ft., 8-shaft floor loom into the rooms. While taking up a bit of space, it has created much interest.

It is hoped that Margaret will soon have  time to warp it up and start producing, creating an increased interest and providing instruction in the craft as she works!


(posted 7/9/2018)

Some homework was required to complete items made at last week’s Felting Workshop. Like the good students that they are, some members DID just that………

Fun, Fellowship , & FELTING

(posted 31/8/2018)

Under the guidance and tutelage of President Lee,the club recently held an “in house” Felting Workshop. Despite the somewhat cramped quarters, several work tables were set up and Lee was able to provide a description and demonstration of the equipment needed to get started, and then took the class through the step-by- step process to convert fibre into a unique felted object.


The class in progress:

And some of the outcomes:  visit the 2019 Armidale Show for the rest?)



(posted 26/8/18)

It has been a long, cold winter, not helped by the need to move house and set up in temporary premises in the (modified) Showground Bar area. Despite these drawbacks, the camaraderie of members and their continuing creative pursuits has kept the club comfortable and cosy for most of the time there … but may it not be for much longer??

The gallery that follows is a mix of that creativity and the steps taken to keep warm.







(posted 22/8/18)

A Presidential Birthday …… Happy Birthday Lee



And a Wedding  … Love may have lured her from Armidale, but ….?DSCN9549s


Rebecca & Robert

(Bec and Bob)






Something old, something new, and something crafty too (typical Bec?)


Secretary Finds a Way to Escape Winter.

(posted 6/8/2018)

To expand her own craft knowledge (and her stash of “goodies”), the Secretary recently took a Study Tour to southern Europe, some of the time being aware of the interests of other members. Mid- summer in Spain, is MUCH warmer than Armidale in mid-winter!

Robyn has already shared some of those experiences at show ‘n tell sessions in the clubrooms, but for  others here is a sample of what she saw and can tell you all about (together with contact details) if you are interested.

France and Switzerland:







From City Centre to Life in the Country:



Southwest Corner of Ireland:


A few web links to explore for those who are interested – ask Robyn if you need more information!!













(posted 1/8/2108)

It was always known that winter in the “bar” would create challenges, and the weather Gods have thrown everything from strong wind and freezing temperatures, but NO rain.  (and members’ thoughts are certainly with the farming community)                                          Despite this, the club continues to function well – a couple of extra lights and a variety of heaters provided by members has enhanced the natural “warmth” of club membership.

A sudden gust of wind blowing down a number of the temporary “wind breaks ” caused a bit of a scare, but that only encouraged the handyman to use nails rather than gaffer tape to hold things in place (not at all crafty, but at least more practical??).

The cold weather has also brought about a noticeable presence of many products of past efforts, including knitted garments, scarves, hats …. etc..  We will assemble a gallery of “bar clothing”, but in the meantime, might Loren’s hat or Ian’s scarf help with the cold?


WE HAVE A NEW CLUBROOM AT THE ARMIDALE SHOWGROUND.                                                   (posted 29/4/18)

Just in time to beat the cold of Autumn, the new area has been renovated and furnished to house the club through the winter.  The club has been allocated exclusive use of the Bar area west of the Grandstand (no! the large cooler is not stocked with alcohol?!), and all the wall panels have been filled and the concrete floor covered with carpet.

A picture tells a thousand words …………………………


While this space is small, all of our extra equipment is safely stored nearby and is easily accessible if needed.  Only time will tell how much heating might be needed in the cooler months, but it is up to all members to do their bit towards making things work?

Hopefully the grandstand renovations will be complete within a few months and we will be able to move back into our true “home”.

THE NEW CLUBHOUSE IS GOOD!  (See notice below regarding the need for a change).         (posted 8/2/18)

Recent fine weather has enabled everyone to settle comfortably under the car-port and grapevines, only using the indoor facilities as tea-room. No doubt this will change as autumn comes on, but there will be room aplenty for everyone and the varied activities.


Only the basics were transferred from town, but no-one has yet had to complain about a shortage of equipment (although Robyn and others HAVE backed up with bits’n pieces!)


The Annual General Meeting will be held at this venue (91 Pinegrove Road) at 11.00 AM March 8th. as part of the normal Thursday meeting which runs from 10:30 AM until about 2 PM – everyone is encouraged to attend, but a reminder that only fully paid-up members will be eligible to vote at elections and on motions.

All positions will be declared vacant, and the Secretary is accepting advance nominations. 

AUSTRALIA DAY AT SAUMAREZ HOUSE -an opportunity to show our skills?

This annual event at the historic homestead has become a regular fixture in the club calendar – our crafts match much of the history, and the displays add “that little something extra” to the experience for the visitors.


Two of the club’s newer members, Anne and Lee featured front of house with hand and drum-carding demonstrations that drew considerable attention, (even from the kids!), while the older hands worked away quietly and chatted/instructed as needed.

Happy New year Everyone!!

Your executive hopes that all members are looking forward to a crafty year ahead, and we trust that the changes described below cause as little disruption as possible.

Most of you will know that the grandstand that houses our Club Room urgently needs repair.  As of now, we are no longer allowed access to the building, and for at least the next 6 weeks the regular club meeting will be held at Robyn’s home, 91 Pinegrove Road.

Apart from the venue being 8 Km west of town, (go out Bundarra Road, turn left at Barbato’s corner into Pinegrove Road), very little will change.

Meeting times are every thursday from 10:30 to 2:00, and 1st and 3rd Saturdays 2-5 pm.

Chairs and tables have been relocated, an urn and microwave is ready for tea and lunch breaks, …..and even the club’s sign-in book and friendly little pig have made the journey.

Members may choose between an inside play room with access to carport, or re-live the good times of some dyeing days by sitting under the trees at the front and on the deck.