2020 – Moving On:

A reverse chronology – read from bottom up (each entry is dated)

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(posted 20/12/2020)


Chaos reigned, (as well as water raining and wind blowing!), last weekend when plans for the Club Christmas party were severely disrupted at the last moment by the weather. Instead of a sunny afternoon in the spacious garden area and deck out the front, organizers had to hurriedly change plans and, with the help of the early arriving guests, move the gazebos to a sheltered area at the back of the house, and turn the carport into a kitchen serving area.

The party went on despite the late changes, and most of the members and their guests had a good time and claimed it to be a great success – lots of good food, festive dress and trimmings, and plenty of camaraderie and banter despite the cool and sometimes damp wind blowing from constantly changing directions.

Mischievous tales could probably be told about each and every guest, but two should be singled out for note. If you look carefully at some of the images above, you may see the following:

Being the perfect host to any visitors, Paul had dragged himself out of bed near sunrise to accompany a visiting birdwatching relative on a twitching expedition to ensure none of the delights of the Saumarez Ponds birdlife were missed, but by mid afternoon, and after a good meal and a couple of drinks, it all got a bit too much for him…….?

And even while participating in an animated conversation, Sheila could not allow herself to waste any valuable club craft time. Look carefully and you will see the ball of yarn on her lap, and Saturday members might recognize her latest work-in-progress. It may look as if Graeme was trying to help by holding the yarn, but in fact he was probably only trying to make a point and the camera caught him at the wrong time?

Before the year ends, there is time to feature just two more of the exceptional items that members have created this year:

Vice President Margaret is undoubtedly the Club’s premier weaver, and this set of tea-towels rightly shows the reason for that title! In her own words, she describes the work – Ashford mercerised cotton 10/2 set at 10 ends per cm. The draft is from Handwoven November/December 2019. It was pleasant weaving a four shaft pattern with only four pattern treadles for a change, as I almost always use all eight of my shafts and ten of my treadles. And just one shuttle. It could have been set a bit closer I think as even after a hot wash they seem slightly too flimsy. Otherwise happy.

And Sheila has produced a wonderfully colourful fairisle (some would say Fair Isle?) knitted cardigan.

For those who have not met Sheila, she is a regular at the Saturday group meetings, work commitments not permitting attendance on Thursdays. Some of her double sided knitting was n the July posting below – another talented and versatile member of the club.

SO, that is about it for 2020! Hopefully 2021 will provide opportunities for even bigger, better and brighter projects and creations for everyone to enjoy.


The End is Nigh……?

(posted 27/11/2020)

NO ……. not the end of the club, but simply the end of perhaps the Club’s most trying year ever? Despite the difficulties of being homeless for many months, and having to contend with Covid 19, the Club executive together with many of the stalwarts have ensured that regular meetings and contributions to our local community have all continued. (see all the entries down this page). Now that the weather is warmer, gatherings have moved outdoors, and with Covid rules being relaxed, there are now few limitations to what can be done together. This augers well for the final few meetings of the year.

Before discussing NEXT year, there is much to celebrate from 2020, and the following pictorial collage demonstrates some of the recent craft skills.

Judy’s handcrafted rug surely set the benchmark for both skill and endurance

But there are many more!

One of the important Club projects has been to make Trauma Teddies and Dude Dolls for kids in difficult situations. These little creatures appear under the strangest of circumstances and might easily be overlooked. For example the images below show an assortment of shape sizes and colours, but also look carefully at Judy’s knees as she shows off a small cardigan she made! There is little doubt these will brighten some kid’s day when distributed?

So while 2020 is not quite over yet (a few more meetings and a Christmas party for all to come), the scaffolding is down from around the clubrooms at the Showground, and we believe that once the flooring is complete the Club should be able to move back into residence before next year’s meetings begin. And with the new Covid rules that (hopefully) will be in place by early next year, 2021 shapes up to be as good as ever. Looking forward, one can only hope that events like the Armidale Show, Australia day celebrations and many others, will present opportunities for the club to re-establish the strength and numbers of past years.


(posted 19/9/20)

Possibly because some looms can be a bit large and cumbersome to carry or to move around, weaving is a craft that does not get a lot of exposure during normal club meetings.  Indeed, had it not been for the Weaving Workshop held early in 2019, and Margaret’s floor loom being resident in the rooms for much of 2019, a visitor could be excused for not even recognising the part played by this important skill in the life of the club and its members.

None-the-less, entries and exhibits in the Armidale (and other regional) shows demonstrates it is a craft that, below the surface, is alive and well.

However, there is resurgence in weaving activity amongst members!

Readers will recall Margaret’s previous efforts at natural dying and spinning (posts dated between 27th March and 30th April below), and she has now transformed the resulting fibre into a knitted hat and WOVEN scarf!)

And unknown to many, President Lee has been acquiring looms, reading up and accepting advice from others to adopt this new craft – her latest effort is this scarf!

Never the one to stick to a single project at a time, Robyn has at times had up to 4 looms on the go simultaneously.

And so as not to be left totally in the cold, even the club maintenance man had a shot at a 2-shaft loom using baling twine … to prove ANYone can do it, with ANY fibre?

Also unknown to most, was that Paul is also a “silent” weaver – this was picked up by Lee, with support from Natalie, and the three organised a workshop to learn to Waffle Weave on a knitter’s or rigid heddle loom. Midst much frivolity, they each learned from the other (and from notes and cheat sheets?), but the outcome was great.

This week they will try a similar process to try Window Weaving.  The group has enlarged to at least 4, with some other expressions of interest, so who knows where it will all end?  These looms are very portable, and not overly expensive, so if there are other with an interest …….?

And to end on an even more exotic note – it has been discovered that Armidale is now home to a traditional weaver in the Persian Rug style. Most will be aware of these rugs and wall-hangings, but few have been able to get close enough to see how the extremely complex process is done. Perhaps some where down the track members might get some first-hand knowledge?



(posted 02/09/2020)

The continuing Covid situation is apparently raising some questions around town about the form the 2021 Armidale Show might take next March.

Whatever, be it the usual format or any of the varied on-line alternatives, Armidale Spinners and Weavers will be ready!

Club meetings are being held regularly (always with due regard to social distancing!), and the output of spun fibre AND crafted items is truly amazing. This augers well for the display cabinets come March??

Sheila and Robyn might be leading the race with their recently finished large knitted wraps and shawls.

Both items deserve better “live” pictorial representation, but in the absence of suitable models, the images below are best on offer!!

BUT let’s move quickly on to Judy’s mammoth effort with a knitted rug! It may have given her grief at times, but everyone is now anxiously waiting to see the finished product……..

And in the meantime, perhaps the Show Society might be reminded that the club has a number of specialty sheep breeders too, so perhaps a new class could be added to the livestock section? Look at Annette’s recent triumph!!


(posted 15/8/2020)

The work of members and their commitment to helping others in our community continues!

Last week Lee was able to make a further delivery of assorted clothing to the Women’s and Children’s Centre in Armidale……..

AND a bundle of beanies to the Armidale Hospital to be used for newborn bubs and for cancer patients of all ages.



Members continue to be generous with their time and with using whatever fibre they can lay hands on, to make items for the less needy in our society.  The process has been ongoing for several years, and was recently boosted with a donation from Regional Australia Bank to purchase even more fibre (see below)

St Vincents are one of the major groups who deal with the unfortunate and the homeless around town, and were very appreciative of the numerous beanies, scarves, gloves, etc.  – our ladies were assured that the recipients of these items would be every bit as appreciative!

As well as lots of pretty little garments for kids, and stylish scarves and hats for women, there was also a donation of some toys and books for the littlies.  The representative of the Women’s and Children’s Shelter accepted these items enthusiastically, commenting that even the smallest gift to people in stressful family situations would be beneficial, and she thanked the club members for their generosity!


(posted 14/7/20)

The club has now been meeting regularly at Robyn’s nest for about a month. The old family playroom has been converted to a craft room, and the club’s own heaters have ensured a comfortable temperature, despite a couple of freezing cold days!

The placement of chairs had been carefully measured out to ensure compliance with the correct rules of social distancing, and while it has not yet been necessary, there is ample room for more (with correct distancing!) in the adjacent rooms. Aaand ……….. for everyones’ safety, the venue is cleaned and sanitized before each meeting.

The usual camaraderie, coffee and cookies are always accompanied of course by the varied crafts of members.

Sheila has introduced double (sided?) knitting on Saturdays. The effect is wonderful, and one particularly interesting garment is a scarf she is making for workmate – it features the work emblem, plus images of animals and plants.

Last week Sue Davies brought along a couple of unusual items, displaying both her own skills AND those of husband Ian.

The item on the left is a free form bracelet or necklace, made from sundry pieces of plastic and fibre – you have to see it to appreciate it properly!  And the other is another three dimensional free-form type of embroidery, encased in a beautiful timber frame constructed by Ian. While the form of the timber photographs OK, the fluffiness of the chicks is difficult to display in a simple 2D photo.


(posted 28/6/20)

Thursday 18th June was a landmark for the club as members gathered for the first full meeting since mid-March.  At that time, Covid19 was a blip on the horizon but renovations at the Clubrooms dictated that the club meet at the Ellis’s at Invergowrie. (there is a pictorial record down the page).

As we all know, the virus issue escalated rapidly forcing meetings into the “virtual” category, but now that restrictions are being released members can gather, albeit with some restrictions. Unfortunately the clubroom situation is still unresolved (see below), but to get the Club back on track as quickly as possible it was decided to initiate meetings at Robyn’s once more.

Things are necessarily different ;- the weather may preclude some outdoor meetings, but with a bit of organisation, seating in the play room, dining and lounge rooms has been arranged to ensure adequate social distancing for any/all members who come along. And importantly, the heating issue has been resolved and everyone seemed happy and comfortable!

During Thursday’s meeting it was agreed that the venue was more than adequate, and that for at least the next couple of months, future meetings should continue at the usual time slots.

So, what has led to this situation? The machinations of funding bodies, government agencies and departments and major construction firms are not for us to question, but simply, the grandstand renovations are still incomplete. As mentioned earlier, the club received a grant to improve facilities in the rooms once the major renovation of the grandstand was complete, and our local builder was given approval to do that work during the Covid shutdown.  He has done a great job, but the final touches were put on hold when it was realised that MORE work had to be done on the main structure!

In anticipation of that, the Club was asked to move everything to another storage point, and a working bee was called to help. There was a grand turnout (people were glad to see each other again?), and the job was completed quickly and efficiently, with Robyn leading the organisation, and Keith taking responsibility for the transfer and storage. A big “thank you” is due to all of those members who helped, and Keith wants especially to thank the ute drivers Des and Don for their effort and cooperation.

For the foreseeable future, meetings will be held at the usual times at 91 Pinegrove Road, Invergowrie. The distance might be a little longer (only 8Km from town), but a pleasant, companionable and comfortable venue awaits you all.  Call 67752103 if you need help.


One Good Turn Begets Another!

(posted 16/6/2020)

Early this week on behalf of AS&W several boxes of “goodies” were delivered to the Welfare Department of St. Vincent de Paul in Armidale. Vinnies accepted this with appreciation, and as they did so well last year, have undertaken to distribute each item as best they can to the homeless and underprivileged members of our community.

The contribution represents but part of the very many (predominantly knitted or crocheted) scarves, beanies (large, small and tiny!), gloves and mittens, rugs and blankets that have been put together over recent months as part of the Club’s 2020 Charity Drive. The pic shows part of the diverse and colourful collection.

Each member should be proud of their own input, but please note the project is not yet complete and further contributions will be gladly incorporated into future deliveries!

And on that front, the Executive is currently exploring other options for distribution to ensure that as many needy persons as possible can be helped to be more comfortable this winter. These options have arisen as a result of approaches from elsewhere in the community, and from members themselves.

BUT TO THE HEADLINE ABOVE!!  As everyone knows, most of the contributions in the past have been funded by individual members, either from residues of other projects or from personally bought fibre. However, the efforts of the club over recent years in respect of its charitable work has not gone un-noticed, and the Executive was delighted to be approached recently by the REGIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK with a generous donation to assist with the purchase of equipment and fibre to encourage even more input from members.

As the saying goes “one good turn deserves another”, and the RAB has demonstrated that adage admirably with their generosity.  On behalf of all members, the Club Executive extends heartfelt thanks to the REGIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK in Armidale.



(posted 8/5/20)

With winter just around the corner, and fewer items on offer to share with members, it has been suggested that V-AS&W might take a “winter recess”. This is definitely not a “closure”; comments, information and material will still be posted as and when appropriate ….. so please keep sending pics and keep an eye on this link.

As ever, the aim of the page is to help members cope with trying circumstances, and to hold the club intact for when better times are here! While media reports vary, and individuals often put their own slant on things, it is to be hoped that restrictions will be relaxed within a few weeks to allow us to legally meet together in a more usual way.

Details are still a little unclear but work is progressing on the revamp and re-decoration of the club-rooms, and it is expected (hoped??) that when Covid restrictions are lifted, there will be a bright shiny new meeting place to welcome members back together.

And to finish with a little colour and innovation characteristic of AS&W, here are the latest products for the charity appeal – double-ended (continuous) beanies turned into doubly thick scarves!!


(posted 30/04/20)

In this time of isolation AS&W has now been hosting virtual meetings for over a month with 3 main aims: 1/ to ensure an on-going opportunity for the normal activities of crafting together, and sharing and helping in each others’ achievements and problems: 2/ to provide opportunities for those who may be feeling the pressures of social isolation, to still maintain a sense of belonging within the group, and 3/ as a way to advertise the club’s activities and to welcome newcomers.

#3 is functioning well, but unfortunately it is not easy to determine the success of the first 2 of these aims; readers are asked to please provide feedback to help decide about any future “BEING”. Clicking on the “WORKSHOPS and Contact Form” button at the top of this page will take you to a new page at the bottom of which you can enter your details, and if you wish, make a comment. (This will at least indicate the number of readers.) Once you click on “Submit” you can navigate back to this page again using the buttons along the top! Too easy – a piece of cake??

But the mention of cake reminds us that an important club function has been missed – birthday cakes to be shared when a significant event occurs!! So to Annette Healey, Sheila Logan, Lynn Stoker and Kim Usher we apologise and send heartfelt (albeit belatedly) birthday wishes.

Most importantly, various individuals ARE still working hard at their chosen (for the time being!) craft – or should that be craftS?

In recent times this page has featured both Robyn and Ian spinning, weaving, knitting etc., but now they have combined their talents. They each made weave-it squares, and then Ian has carefully put them together into a rug for the homeless and needy campaign.

Sheila has been busy knitting more beautifully coloured socks, and has also made some kids hats, mittens and fingerless gloves for the winter campaign. We hear Paul gave her a fleece for her birthday, so we look forward to some images of her spinning very soon?

Meanwhile, Kim has been quietly working away on her exotic tapestry woven wall hanging. What a great selection of colours and textures, Kim!

And Margaret continues to intersperse her battles with the 16 shaft loom with experimenting with natural dying. In her own words, …. After endless hanks of light brown/blah dyed yarn, at last a strong colour. This was rhubarb root, with a couple of stalks and leaves of rhubarb thrown it. Of course I had to sacrifice a rhubarb plant but since the rain earlier in the year I have such a crop that it was no sacrifice actually.

I cut the root up, and it had rings like a tree with a promising orange colour, I soaked the veg matter for a while, then simmered it for about an hour. After the bath cooled I put a hank of yarn in a laundry bag and simmered the lot for another hour. The interesting thing is that the laundry bag which is some sort of synthetic, took the dye beautifully and is a much clearer yellow that the wool.

Before you go, please remember to visit the Form on the Workshops page.

And a final observation – some may not be seeing the full images on some of these posts – a dabble with the settings on your device might rectify the matter?

What a Beautiful Autumn Day ….

(posted 23/4/20)

And what a pity we could not have a “REAL”meeting?

But let’s start this week’s meeting with something different – A QUIZ!! Before you read further down the page, test yourself with these 2 questions:

1/ What did the ancient Egyptians use to wrap around mummies? ………………….. and 2/ What important 1st step of a knitting project is often overlooked?

Before you get to the answers, please be reminded of the Club’s charity project, making a variety of clothing items for those less fortunate. All contributions will be distributed wisely, and items such as hats, gloves, scarves and blankets will be very much appreciated during winter. As you will see below, Lee and Robyn have been busy …. but they need help please.

And the quiz answers …….

1/ The ancient Egyptians used to weave a cloth from RAMIE for clothing and especially to wrap mummies for burial. Ramie a nettle-like plant from which the fibre can be extracted and then spun. Margaret says she has had some raw fibre tops for years, but never got around to using it – it looks pretty successful now that she has tried! But Margaret, please try to fashion it into something more imaginative than a shroud …………………?

I am told reliably that before embarking on a knitting project, particularly if the wool and pattern do not match, then one should always knit a tension square to ensure the correct sizing. But with nothing to do with the square, it all seems a waste of fibre? But Kay Buckley has found the answer. Look how a store of useless squares can be turned into a beautiful cushion!

An Active Committee in Isolation …..

(posted 17/4/20)

Some members may have had advice from NSW Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild about working at a distance. (Robyn says this is why she needs an alpaca!) Be assured your committee is still working actively to keep the Club alive and well, with regular phone hook-ups and mail exchanges. But they need help from you too, so please respond when they ask, and submit items of interest to share with others.

But each of the committee are keeping up with their craft work too!

President Lee has completed the crocheted rug which started only a few weeks back (see post of 4/4/20). And this, despite building 2 green houses to supply the family with food during the period of isolation, AND mending fences with Paul when a cow escapes!!

While Treasurer Merryn has knitted five face washers in 4 ply cotton, using 3 different patterns. She also proudly shows in the background the wool she has been spinning over past weeks at the club for Ian’s jumper.

And Robyn dabbles with her different crafts.

Last week’s quest for UFOs was not very successful, but in the spirit of keeping the club meeting virtually, the option is still open to you all.

Most importantly, you should by now be aware that the Club’s project of making gloves, hats and scarves to keep Armidale’s homeless and unfortunates warmer this winter is now under-way. If you need help with patterns or materials, please contact the club.

And finally, another word about contributing to the virtual meeting page. Even if you do not have access to cameras or are uncertain about using various forms of the internet/phone system, there ARE ways to get pics or share information despite the limitations on personal movements these days – please do not hesitate to ask for help with some of the (perhaps) less obvious avenues of communication.

After all, we ARE all in this together, and love sharing in each other’s work!

An Old Hand ………… and a Novice.

(posted 4/4/20)

The club caters for all-comers, and here is an example of “new and old”.

Ian is one of the club’s most experienced spinners, and despite the isolation of the times, he still works away in his workshop.

(Note the neat array of tools!)

Keep it up Sophie – you might soon be one of the Old Hands!!

And while there are no regular meetings, perhaps it is time to get to those UFO’s?

Robyn (jumper) and Sheila (sox) completed these outstanding(!) works. A challenge to you all. What about a regular feature with pics of UFO’s?

And for a blast from the past, here are the results of Margaret’s recent solar dying experiment. ( see the post dated 27/3/20, below)

If the order is correct(?), from left to right these are: cold soaked black bean, red onion, rhubarb, cooked black bean, and avocado. A sure-fire culinary delight?


1st Ever Saturday Virtual Meeting!

(posted 4/04/20)

Virtual online meetings will of course include the Saturday group. It may only be a smaller band, but you will see that some of the regulars are already embracing the concept.

In her own words, Sheila says that to her and Paul the dreary day “….. seemed to be more of a snuggle inside day, so I did some knitting, but I hope to spin tomorrow …..” . Here she is at work, and a pic of how the end product will look – very snugly indeed!

And Natalie has got off to a great start spinning the fibre she bought at the Armidale Show. (Those are interesting ribbons on the wall Nat!!)

President Lee has kept busy too, with building and gardening, ………… and crochet!

(see email dated 2nd april for more detail of the craft AND other matters.)

And in that email to club members, Lee re-iterated advice we should take note of:

Being forced to stay home for our own sake is fine but don’t forget to do something in the form of exercise. ….. get up from the chair & stretch & breathe deeply.!!!  …….. Have a walk around the yard .We need to stay healthy to get through this terrible time. My daughter in Newcastle said to me how lucky we were to live up here in this beautiful area with clean air & plenty of space, she is so right, we are so fortunate. Stay safe, keep well & I welcome any phone calls, miss you all & I am looking forward to healthy times again & returning to lovely new premises.

Please keep sending in your contributions everyone…………………

We Are All In This Together…….

(posted 2/4/20)

We are reminded daily of sentiments like this, AND especially the need for social interaction, to keep active and look after each other. And that is what V-AS&W is all about!! By logging in regularly, AND submitting items for posting, each member can maintain contact with others, and share their achievements and tragedies with friends, just like it used to be in the club-rooms!! An advantage of the web, is that you will be able scroll back and forth over time (the pages goes back 20 years!!) to keep track of each other’s activities and projects, thereby maintaining that social contact and support – but that can only be truly successful if everyone contributes?

Here is a classic example from Leone Brown: (thanks for being #1 Leone)

Leone says: “…. lounge cushions needed replacing for years. In a Lincraft shop that was closing down I saw tapestry fabric marked down to $20 m. On paying, the price was reduced to $5 m! Took me 6 tries to get 4 cushions after unpicking puckered corners and misaligned parts. No one has seen them yet, but I am happy with the result. ” ____________________________________________________________________________________

Who will be featured next week?? In general, the material will be more pictorial” than “wordy”, but here are a few ground rules before we start!

** Where possible, send pics and/or text to kjrcellis@hotmail.com, by SMS to 0429 155 769, or use the contact link on the “Worksops and Contacts” page.

** Please accept that there might be a need at times to edit either pics or text.

** Please state if you do not wish to be identified (to protect privacy!)

And here is some work from Kay Buckley –  a hand-woven kitchen pelmet using a simplified version of the ‘Scott’ tartan, with double thread for the green and red in both warp and weft. The scalloped edge is a result of one of the 2 green threads being stretchy

Finally, a reminder that YOUR club is still very much alive and well. Lee or Robyn can always put you in touch with others if you need to chat, and the club resources are always available to members.

Despite the current limitations, a way was found to (legally and responsibly!) source, repair, clean and deliver a loom to a member.

And as the driver left, a beautiful rainbow appeared.

A sure sign of a happy member and a job well done?


VIRTUAL AS&W – Covid-19

(posted 27/03/2020)

While we are all being advised to self-isolate and to change our routines, it is also recognized that it is important for general health and well-being that we keep up regularly activities and social contacts wherever possible.

Each member of the club can play a part in maintaining that individual and Club health by participating in Virtual AS&W. Whether you set aside regular club times each week, or simply do some craft work as your mood suits, please continue to share your work with other members – just as you do regularly (possibly unknowingly) at Club meetings. All we ask is that you DO continue with your projects, and every now and then send an image or a comment showing your progress to share with like-minded friends.

And of course, log in regularly to see what others are up to!


Margaret is experimenting with solar dyeing. These examples are of red onion skins, avocado skins, black beans (cold soak), and cooked black beans.

And Robyn is starting on a GINORMOUS crocheted blanket. (note the 2 phones close by in case she (or others?) need help!)


A Healthy Day in the Sunshine!

(posted 21/3/2020)

We all know and understand the need for self-isolation in the current situation, but at the same time we each have basic personal needs … and they can include craft and friendship?

By unusual coincidence and good fortune, AS&W is in a unique position to keep members healthy AND craft-active at the same time.

It would be impractical to have meetings while the newly allocated rooms (see below) are being renovated, so plans were hatched for the club’s activities to move temporarily back to the Ellis residence at 91 Pinegrove Road as was the case about 12 months ago.

There have now been 2 glorious sessions with plenty of space, sunshine, fresh air, food and above-all, camaraderie. All of the rules for combatting the virus AND being socially responsible are being respected.

AND, … there have also been some interested spectators ………

New Home and the Armidale Show:

A brief heads-up with more news to follow when things are finalised.

We understand the the old show-committee rooms under the west end of the western grandstand are to be renovated to suit the needs of AS&W. This work will not be started before the show, but the club will hold its usual open day and craft stall during the 2 day show from outside these premises. See you all there??

A Brief Update …..

(posted 15/02/2020)

Sadly, the much vaunted improvements to the Showgrounds Bar as a new home for AS&W (see item “A Valued Visitor Learns About Our Craft” on the 2019 web page) are no longer happening.

It is disappointing to find that of the many levels of Government agencies that have been publicly involved, none apparently are now prepared to stand up for the Club and its activities to ensure the project proceeds.  The matter has now dragged on for over 12 months, and from an original timeline of hopefully having the renovations completed before Christmas 2019, there is still nothing in place except the use of an alternate space under the old grandstand.

HOWEVER, the Club executive is determined to ensure meetings and other activities continue unabated with the usual enthusiasm in the alternate space and are happy to be there.

It is understood that some members have been successful with entries at the Glen Innes Show, and everyone is encouraged to prepare entries for the up-coming Armidale Show in a few weeks  – more info will follow soon.