Open day and Grand opening

To celebrate our move to our new premises, we’ll be holding an Open Afternoon on Saturday, 21st April, from 2pm to 5pm. Members of the public are welcome to come and see a display of our work, and to try some hands on spinning and weaving.

We’ll have an short ‘Opening Ceremony’ at around 3.30pm, with champagne to celebrate, and afternoon tea to follow. We’re delighted that our local member of State Parliament, Richard Torbay, will be able to attend  our Opening.

Opening celebrations

Open day at Armidale Spinners and Weavers

Part of our display.

Open day at Armidale Spinners and Weavers 2

Our weaving friend Nancy drove up from Tamworth to join us, and is here admiring Noni’s colourful rug, made from knitting samples.

Richard Torbay at Armidale Spinners and Weavers

Our local member of the NSW State Parliament, Richard Torbay, having a go at spinning on the Great Wheel.

Judy unveiling Spinners and Weavers sign

Judy, one of our longest-serving members, unveiling our new sign for the entrance. Thanks go to Judy’s husband, Peter, for contributing his sign-writing expertise.

Richard Torbay at Armidale Spinners and Weavers 3

Special guest, Richard Torbay, generates laughter.

Richard Torbay at Armidale Spinners and Weavers 2

Richard proposing a toast to a successful future for the group.

Weaving workshop

A few images from the workshop in June:

Jenelle and Judy hard at work.

Jenelle’s variegated log cabin scarf.

Gwenda’s scarf in gorgeous autumn tones.

Some of the group at work.