2014 – 17


A Reverse Chronology Summary (for ease of access by regular readers) of Club Activities

(to follow the year in sequence, please start at the bottom of the page and work your way up – each entry is dated.)




Equipment Dispersal    


The club has been asked to arrange for the responsible dispersal of a collection of equipment belonging to an ex-member who is no longer able to spin and weave.

We ask that anyone interested in buying any of the items shown below respond to the club via the contact form on the “Workshops” page of this web address. (The tab in the top right hand corner of the screen).

The executive intends to consider all expressions of interest, ideas for gifting, and offers to purchase at the end of August.  After consultation with the family, decisions will be made and arrangements confirmed. Whether you are a club member or an outsider, you are welcome to join this program. Please give this matter careful thought, and make sure your expression of interest is recorded before August 30.























warping board, lazy kates, and assorted spools and bobbins.

Bernina (model 820?) Sewing Machine – last serviced 2013




Fibre, Friends, Food and Frolicking – all part of  a club day in the bush?

The Gods smiled upon the club with a sub-zero start to the day, but clear skies and sunshine, together with the camaraderie, soon warmed everyone up.

Everything from commercial heat dying, natural dying, to microwave dying was on show, with different members sharing their knowledge and experience with others. (What happened to environmentally friendly solar, on such a sunny day?)

The wattle leaves and flowers looked easy, but who peeled all of those onions?

The end products and the smiles tell it all??


Ours is a club for Blokes too!!!!!



The Family That Spins Together ………….?



A trio of club members went “camping” at the Gold Coast this weekend.                         Hopefully (for them!) the weather was warmer than at home!                                           Regardless, they seemed to be having fun?




Half a dozen keen individuals rocked up to explore Jan’s world of Scrumbling with her. While considered by many to be simply a “free-form” craft combining colour and texture, clearly some initial tuition, guidance and ideas-sharing is a great way to start. A guru of the art once described it as “allowing the yarn to take you for a walk”!

Articles produced on the day are testament to the enthusiasm, but the smiles tell it all!



While workshops are a great way to spread the word about different crafts to a group of individuals, the need sometimes arises for individual tuition. Fortunately, the club has many talented members who are always ready to share their knowledge and expertise.

Those who visit the clubrooms will recognise that this sort of skill-sharing goes on across all crafts, nearly every week.  However, we also have some dedicated members who can provide that tuition “in private”, either at the clubrooms or elsewhere.

In recent weeks Jan has passed on her crochet skills to a lady who wants to further explore that craft at the up-coming Scrumbling Workshop.

And Merryn and Judy responded recently to a special request from a lady to have her granddaughters taught how to knit during the school holidays. That process was so successful that a request was made for a follow-up session, and Robyn obliged.

The Club thanks those members for their contribution to furthering these crafts in the Armidale region, and to their promotion of the Club to our community.

4 Shaft Weaving Workshop:


Under the tutelage of Margaret and with help from Bronwyn (both long-standing members of the Club), eight intrepid newcomers to the craft embarked on a long day of learning and practicing. Robyn had already warped 8 looms (each with different modes of action) with different warps, so there was much to be achieved!


Each participant moved from loom to loom, and (hopefully) were able to take home samples of the different techniques they had learned.



With guidance from Merryn, four “novices” learned about the basics and the versatility of the Rigid Heddle, or Knitter’s Loom.  As with all workshops, this was an opportunity for the participants to “give it a try”, and decide if this was yet another skill they wanted to add to their personal portfolio of crafts.  The decision varied between participants, but everyone agreed it was a great day’s activity.

lauren scarf



While the building may be old (and in need of repair??), we are fortunate to have a very comfortable club-room with adequate storage, home comforts like fridge, microwave, kettle (etc.) and plenty of varying seating.

BUT, some members like to be different ……… and perhaps prefer a more comfortable seating arrangement and adopt habits from home??

Please take careful note of the felted pixie feet and hat, and of Jan’s ever-growing scrumbling display.   These are just two of the many skills one can learn from the various Club Workshops.  (See “Workshops” tab above for more information)


Felting Workshop:


Merryn again stepped up to the plate to show members and non-members alike the joys of working with fibre ….. particularly felting  As you will see below, it was a grand fun and family day, with an assortment of product at the end!  We look forward to see where this venture takes the participants over the coming months?

Hair-Pin Lace:


The crafty Peter Fietz showed an inquisitive group just what can be achieved with (essentially?) a piece of fencing wire, a small piece of timber and some nicely coloured fibre! But of course, one can always buy commercial tools as well?

For those who are unaware, Peter is a member who has won major prizes at the  Armidale and Uralla shows with his hair-pin lace.


 Beginner Spinning:


Master spinner Merryn conducted the first of the year’s Worshops for a small group (5?) of members and non-members. Starting from scratch it was obviously a productive time, and the joy of the day can be seen in the smiles of the participants as they show off their finished yarn.


The Armidale Show:


Great weather and lots of community interest made for a   P1020796
rewarding experience at the Show for all of the members
who were able to contribute and participate.  In particular,
thanks must go to Lorenne, Jan, Ian and Robyn for their
work in setting up the displays in the Clubroom.


Most of the club members contributed items for competition and formal judging. The display cases for spinning and weaving, and for knitting, crochet and other crafts were full to overflowing, to the point where it was sometime difficult to get a true appreciation of the talent (and craftiness??) of those who had spent many hours with each item.

However it was pleasing to observe that had our members not put in so much work, those same display cabinets might have looked relatively empty far less impressive!!


CHAMPION/Best in Section – Galina Burgess

Reserve Champion – Martina Kramer

Champion Club Exhibitor – Ian Lockrey IMG_1222

Many other Club members were successful in a variety of Craft Sections of the Show.

Matters Administrative:    


Of course no club can exist without some occasional administration. A quarterly meeting was held recently during the usual Thursday session, and without disturbing the craft activity too much a number of important issues were discussed by the members.

Much of the chat centred on the up-coming Armidale Show, where it was hoped that the Club would be well represented in the competitive sections on display in the Show pavilions, and members were reminded that our clubrooms would be open for the duration of the show. Since this doubled as the Club Annual Open Day, everyone was encouraged to come along for a few hours at some time to display their own special talents (and to share the load!) and to provided items for display (and for sale if they wished) around the room.

New Members:

(Mid February)

A new year suggests new members, and 2017 is no exception – we already have several new people to share their talents.  Welcome all and one!

And mention should perhaps also be made that while Armidale has basked for many years in the title of “City for All Seasons”,the Club can now generally refer to itself as being “One For All newmembercroppedAges”!

After enjoying the contributions of a talented young teenager for several years (he has now moved onto other adult male pursuits!), now, for two years in a row, there have been new members with babies.

This little fella takes it all in while sitting with Mum Eva.

Looks like a budding weaver in the making?

Australia Day:


The club was again invited to participate in the Australia Day celebrations at the historic Saumarez Homestead. Several members set up displays under our canvas gazebos, between the homestead and the tourist rooms/canteens.  A pleasant day was had by all, with entertainment by the Armidale Pipe Band, and a number of visitors showing interest in the exhibits. Storms threatened mid-afternoon, but along with most of the other stall holders we packed quickly and got away before the downpour.

IMG_5407.JPG     IMG_5405.JPG

IMG_5402.JPG   IMG_5406.JPG

Happy New Year!!    


There was a quiet start to 2017, with the first meeting not being until January 19th.  However, there will now be regular meetings every Thursday, and on the first and third Saturdays of each month.




List of activities: (with photos)

February              Uralla Community display             McMaugh Gardens

February              Armidale Show/Open Day



April                       Innes baby arrives

May                       NE Arts and Crafts Expo Armidale Town Hall

July                        Dyeing                  Ellis residence

On a beautiful winter’s day, members gathered to share various dying techniques.





August                  Carer’s week display      Armidale Bowling Club

October  – Dyeing Day at Jan Miller’s home.



December                           Christmas party                                                                #

Nov- AGM

Oct – Dying Day

May – Felting workshop

April – dying

Jan – Australia Day


Images and text pending


January                Coonabarabran                 donated equipment

January                Australia Day                      Saumarez

March                   Armidale Show/Open Day   DSCN8827.JPG






April                  Saumarez House Open day

Visit by Glen Innes

Visit by Grafton Dorrigo

September -A Visit by the Ladies from Gunnedah

IMG_1108.JPG IMG_1106.JPG  IMG_1111.JPG

Lots of crafty ideas to share!

IMG_1112.JPG  IMG_1114.JPG  IMG_1113.JPG

October – We venture North To Glen Innes

IMG_1117.JPG   IMG_1118.JPG   IMG_1126.JPG   IMG_1129.JPG

The Pride of the Tablelands Revealed

IMG_1134.JPG IMG_1135.JPG  IMG_1138.JPG  IMG_1143.JPG

IMG_1150.JPG  IMG_1157.JPG  IMG_1158.JPG

IMG_1161.JPG IMG_1165.JPG  IMG_1169.JPG

October               Dying Day                            Jan Miller

Bec’s Birthday Bash:

A staunch club member hit a significant milestone this year …. and invited her friends from Armidale Spinners and Weavers to join her other family and friends in a celebration at the Ebor showgrounds!!  It was a pity we had to drive back home…………………?


November          Woollen Mill                       Nundle

November          All Seasons Markets       Uralla


January                Australia Day                      Saumarez

February              Armidale Show/Open Day

April                       Trip to Grafton

May                       Autumn Lodge


Tutor Heather Rhode ran an excellent workshop  – there were about a dozen participants, and some very colourful and excellent work products at the end!

June                      Indigo dyeing

August                  Weaving              (Rosemary Boyle)

October               Visit by Grafton group (incl. trip to Nundle)

November          Visit to Coonabarabran                                                                  #?