WORKSHOPS & Contact Form

Beginner spinner and weaving workshops are generally held each year, and more advanced schools and workshops when needed. Other activities such as felting and dyeing days will also be arranged when there is a demand.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to make contact if there are workshops you would like to to participate in, or suggestions for other special activities.

A Program of 2021 events will be listed here once details are finalised.

Workshops in 2020 :

As with many things, Covid 19 interfered with the normal program of events, but a small group of enthusiasts held a series of informal “learn from each other” sessions specifically dealing with various types of rigid heddle looms and patterns.

Workshops Completed in 2019

A “Learn to Spin Workshop” was conducted by Merryn late in August

“Beginner 4-Shaft Weaving Workshop” in May

Workshops completed in 2018:

Dyeing Day –  at Showgrounds Clubrooms.

Felting Day – at Showgrounds Clubrooms. 

Workshops Completed in 2017:    

Beginner Spinning (by Merryn) 

Hair-Pin Lace (by Peter) 

Felting (by Merryn) 

Rigid Heddle Weaving (by Merryn) 

4-Shaft Weaving (by Margaret Small)

Crochet  (by Jan) (prelude to Scrumbling!)

Scrumbling (free form crochet) 

If you would like to attend a workshop, or if you have suggestions for other workshops, you can let us know by filling out this form: